​​​New York City Union Carpenters

                                       Est: April 24, 2004


The Fraternal Order of



The Fraternal of Woodworkers

"Over A Decade of Pride & Professionalism"

For over 12 years the F.O.W. has remained dedicated to Union
Carpenters, Strengthening the Architectural

Woodworking Industry in New York City.

We would like to thank all those who attended The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers12th Annual Anniversary Party and who continue to support the F.O.W.'s mission.


Mission Statement:

To bring together tradesmen and women who take pride

in and have respect for Woodworking.

To encourage, teach and assist all Brothers & Sister's who

hold this craft in high regard.

To be firmly committed in the growth and prosperity of the

United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America.



" Over A Decade of Union Professional's Committed to the

Preservation and Craft

of Architectural Woodworking in

New York City."